THANET'S FAMILIES IN NEED - Rough Sleeper Assistance Form

Thanet Rough Sleeper Reports and Assistance

We attend call outs in and around Thanet with packages of essentials including sleeping bags, clothing, blankets, towels, toiletries and food with advice, support and referrals where required.

We do our day time outreach to the known spots of our rough sleepers in Thanet twice a week always stocked with essential supplies for those who need it, warm soup, hot drinks and snacks and run soup kitchens from September until March up to 4 days a week from our community shop

With homelessness an ever growing problem that our local authority, Thanet District Council are battling, restrained by national government legislation, huge cuts to their budget with a massive social housing crisis on top of the growing number of people made homelessness with so many factors involved, largely the system setting many up to fail.

We need to be able to reach out to as many of these guys as possible, encourage networking and engaging in the services that can help them to regain independence and be able to gain and sustain a new tenancy.

We will be helping TDC and Porchlight to map out where our rough sleepers are and how we can help.  

For more information on our rough sleeper support please click on the Housing and Homelessness Support in Thanet tab of our website

Rough Sleeper Assistance and Sightings
Please tick relevant box;
Full name of rough sleeper/homeless person * If known
Date of Birth of person needing assistance
Contact number for service user
If sign posting. reporting sighting or assisting client - Agency/Name
Details of where service user is rough sleeping, best place and times to be found if we can provide outreach.
Assistance needed - Please tick all that you feel is needed
Help with forms
Essential Rough Sleeping Supplies
Sign posting/referrals
Other - Box at end of the form for explaination
I agree to this information being shared within the data protected homelessness network to assist us in moving forward
I agree

Extra Information

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