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We are proud to say we have now been assisting the people of Thanet for well over 5 years through their hardships and suffering.
We have donated items from food donations and clothing to baby items, furniture and all essential household items to over 4000 cases in Thanet and supported hundreds of clients in many different situations offering support, advice, useful links budgeting services and so much more, none of which would of been possible without such a giving, caring, compassionate community that has kept us going and able to provide these essential services non funded and all as volunteers.

Our organisation has grown and developed completely from the amazing backing and support from so many wonderful people in our community for the better of the whole community in Thanet but we have an ever growing demand and many costs to pay to be able to run our 100% voluntary organisation with the main priority being the rent for our essential base, food bank and rough sleeper supplies.

With 1 IN 3 CHILDREN in south Thanet and up to 50% of children in parts of Thanet such Cliftonville West and Margate Central and Ramsgate Wards are living in poverty and deprivation as figures and indices published reveal and a sharp rise in homelessness on our streets and in temporary accommodation, there is a real need for making sure people in Thanet facing hardship can get the help and much need support we can provide and any help you can give us to maintain that support is very much appreciated.

Our services over the last 3 - 4 years have grown massively including Thanet's only 7 food bank and telephone support service with call back introduced in April 2013.

We liaise with many local agencies and organisations, assisting both service users and agencies where needed.
As well as our self referrers, we are receiving an ever increasing amount of requests direct from outside agencies and other community organisations we have linked with which we think is really important for both service users and service providers alike, networking within the community as much as possible.  

 All of the services we as Thanet's Families in Need community support service provide have become more extensive for instance with housing support, mental health, silent illness/disability and carers support in Thanet, advocacy, budgeting and living on a low income, group support in many areas both formal and informal, themed work shops, confidence building and mentoring to name a few.

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How You Can Help us to Help Others

We are now settling into the new premises, trying to put our own stamp on this place we needed to bring a community base back with a full structure soon to be back in place bigger and better than before, yet far more sustainable than other options we have seen with storage space included with our premises.

We need to pay for rent, rates, insurance and bills as well as the admin and running costs including food bank.

As it stands we are building teams for different sections of support which includes a fundraising/events team to get regular funds in helping us cover the basic costs and our own self reliant base.

** If you would like to help us with fundraising, please do get in touch

We have received emails asking about how to make regular donations.

Instructions on Donating and Recurring donations via paypal (Credit/Debit cards excepted)

  • Click on the 'Donate' button on most pages of the website
  • This will direct you to the paypal page where you can donate through your paypal account or by credit/debit card
  • This page will give you the option to enter how much you would like to donate.
  • You can donate to your convenience following this link as a one off donation or
  • To make a monthly contribution to Thanet's Families in Need Support Service, Click the box on the same page that says 'Recurring donations'                 

  • Follow the instructions given by paypal


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 Please share using our Facebook and twitter tool bars and spread the word to help our fundraising efforts whilst running with no funding and help us to keep up with the ever growing demands.
Below you can pledge set amounts simply clicking on the 'BUY NOW' box next to the amount you wish to pledge.

To donate your own set amount please use the yellow 'DONATE' boxes.


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  • Too keep a family of 4 with food and toiletries for at least 5 days amounts to around £29/£30.

  • For singles and couples, this is around £20 - £25

We are not only suffering with the rise in demand but the cost of living is staring to impact us ever so slightly too.

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help us hep you in Thanet~ If you would like to donate towards our auctions or raffles from your business, we can offer you help by placing a direct link to your website/fb page for our visitors to see and go to as a thank you Just message me some details to ~ 

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